Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care: What Makes Us Different?

It’s truly an incredible feeling as a parent to walk into Foundations Chiropractic,  where everything is designed to empower parents and make them feel in control of their child’s health. Our focus on pediatrics, pregnancy, and family wellness creates a warm and welcoming environment.  Our Docs and Care Advocates strive to make you feel at home and are always ready to serve you and your family. 

It’s important for us to provide you with insanely convenient and family-friendly systems because we understand that families today lead very busy lives, juggling multiple schedules and responsibilities. This is why we have streamlined our procedures to be extremely easy for you to navigate.

From scheduling appointments to filling out paperwork, you can do it all from the comfort of your home or while waiting to pick the kids up from school. We value your time and aim to make your experience simple and efficient at every step.

All that aside, our team holds extensive clinical training, experience, and a specialized focus on pediatrics, pregnancy, and family care. 

Here are 5 key factors that set a PX Doc office apart from everything else:

1. Case History, Connection, Listening, & Root Cause

When you come into Foundations Chiropractic, our dedicated doctors take the time to truly listen to you and your kiddo. We dive deep into your child’s case history, aiming to identify the root cause of their health challenges. 

Unlike the traditional medical world that often focuses solely on symptom management, the #1 thing that makes Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care different is this: addressing the underlying root cause of your child’s unique challenges and working with the nervous system to do so.  

2. Empowerment and Education

After thoroughly examining your child’s case history, we ensure that you are fully informed about Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care. We explain the workings of our outstanding technology, INSiGHT scans, and the benefits of our Neuro-Tonal adjustments that will help your child achieve neurological healing and restoration. 

Our goal is to educate and empower you, providing resources such as handouts, articles, videos, and live workshops that simplify complex concepts and help you understand our approach.

3. Neurological Exam and INSiGHT Scans

At Foundations Chiropractic, we prioritize the health, development, and function of the nervous system. As the “master control system” for the body, it plays a huge role in all your child’s vital functions. 

By performing and looking at their INSiGHT Scans, we can identify and evaluate neurological stress, subluxation, and dysfunction within your child’s nervous system. These scans allow us to pinpoint the root cause of your child’s challenges, from ear infections to autism to anxiety, and determine the location and severity of neurological stress.

4. Neuro-Restorative Care Plans 

Based on the information obtained from the INSiGHT Scans, we draw up a completely personalized and customized care plan for your child. Our approach goes beyond traditional chiropractic care, ensuring that we address the specific needs of your child. These care plans are carefully tailored to provide optimal results and surpass your health goals for your child and family.

5. Pediatric Neuro-Tonal Adjustments 

Our Neuro-Tonal Adjusting approach is what truly sets us apart. It’s designed to be extremely safe and effective for children. Our doctors are also trained in various adjusting techniques, enabling them to match the best approach to your child’s individual needs that will provide the absolute best results.  The most common response from kids to our adjustments are big smiles, lots of laughs, deep relaxing breaths, decreased stress, increased sleep, and digestive relief!

At Foundations Chiropractic, our mission is to empower you, parents, to make the best decisions for your child’s health. Our family-friendly environment, combined with convenient systems and specialized clinical care, ensures that you feel supported and in control. 

Please don’t wait to give us a call and if you’re not local to us, check out our directory and find a PX Doc office near you! We’re here to support and guide you and your child on your journey toward optimal health and well-being, providing exceptional care for your entire family.

In the journey to empower parents and help your child with the frustration that is seasonal allergies, remember: hope is within reach. Together, let’s uncover the path to a healthier, happier future for your child – where they can enjoy the outdoors without worry!

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