Meet Aaron 😍

The chillest kid on the block. 👶 You would never know it now, but this fella had a challenging start to life. 😕

He was born early via C-section and had difficulty breathing and regulating his body temperature. 🌡️ When he was released from the hospital he struggled with nasal congestion and reflux, 👃was constipated and gassy, 💩💨 and absolutely HATED laying on his back. 😭

On top of all that, he wasn’t growing as quickly as his birth team would like.  The words “Failure to Thrive” were even tossed out, which sent his smart mama into “bear mode” 🐻 looking for answers. 💭🔍

Thankfully, a family friend recommended our office and Aaron got started with chiropractic care right away! 🙌

Aaron’s INSiGHT scans showed tension throughout his nervous system- 😖 the worst of it at his upper neck and tailbone, two of the most commonly damaged areas during the birth process. His HRV ❤️ showed his tiny 2 month old nervous system was stuck in fight/flight since birth and his body was tired! 😪

Aaron can now comfortably lay on his back for any amount of time ⏱️ (although he much prefers to move and explore now!) 🤗 and no longer sounds like a snoring grandpa during his adjustments. 👴🏼

He’s still a little peanut, 🥜 but his growth and development is no longer of concern. This kid is crawling like a champ and is the most content kiddo we’ve ever met. 😌

We’re so excited to watch you grow, Aaron! 🤩 Congrats on completing your Restoration care plan and welcome to our Wellness tribe! 👏🏆

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