It’s heartbreaking 💔 as a mama to know that you’re trying anything and everything for your child, and yet nothing seems to make their challenges better.

For Callen’s mama, seeing him so stiff, rigid, and uncomfortable was very troubling, 😣 and she felt unsure of what else to do for him to make it better. He hated lying on his back and did not like tummy time, which made it tough to find something to console him. 😢 Callen also favored lying on one side of his head, which began making that side flatter over time.

After going to a physical therapist to seek help with his favoring of the one side, Callen’s parents were not satisfied with what the physical therapist had to say. This is when mom started to do her own research to find another answer. 📑

Mom said, “After coming to Foundations, I felt like my concerns were valid, and they had an explanation that made sense of why this was happening.” ✨

Once Mom saw the link between Callen’s symptoms, and what was showing up on his neurological scans, she said it all made sense and came together. She realized his adjustments were working when Callen started snuggling into her chest when she would hold him, 🤗with no uncomfortableness, or rigidity. She said, “There is nothing better than snuggling your baby, so this was a huge thing for us!” ❤️

Mom reports that Callen now has no problem turning his head either direction, is rolling over, enjoys being on his tummy and back, and is hitting all the milestones as he should be! 💯 Best of all, he is one happy and smiley boy! 😄 We are so happy this little guy’s mom found us and didn’t give up, and we can’t wait to watch him continue to grow and thrive! 👏🏻

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