Discover the Foundations Chiropractic Difference: 5 Essentials for Pediatric Care

As a valued member of our community, whether you’ve connected with us through social media, visited our website, or experienced our practice firsthand, you’ve likely witnessed the heartwarming sight of children joyfully engaging with our environment. Yet, the essence of our pediatric-focused chiropractic office extends far beyond the welcoming atmosphere, toys, and snacks we deliberately provide. In this blog, we delve into the five foundational elements that distinguish us from traditional chiropractic offices, empowering you to make informed decisions for your child’s health.

The 5 Must-Haves in a Pediatric Chiropractor:

Advanced Pediatric Education + Training:

  • We believe that true knowledge goes beyond education alone, especially when it comes to the well-being of your child. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the minimum of 80-100 hours our team invests in ongoing training. This ensures that we remain at the forefront of pediatric chiropractic care, continuously enhancing our skills and staying informed about the latest advancements. By actively participating in a network facilitated by PXDocs, we access the most specialized and advanced training in Pediatric and Family Care, setting us apart as dedicated practitioners.

High Level of Clinical Experience:

  • Quality experience is paramount at our practice, and it extends beyond the number of years we’ve been in operation. Our Pediatric Chiropractors undergo rigorous training and specialized programs, addressing the unique challenges faced by children. By concentrating on complex neurological cases such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Seizures, Sensory Processing Disorder, and more, we ensure that pediatric care remains a priority. Our deliberate focus equips us to excel in providing specialized care for your child.

Incorporates Advanced Neurological Examinations:

  • What sets us apart is our utilization of cutting-edge INSiGHT scanning technology, surpassing basic exams like posture and palpitation. The NueroThermal, EMG, and HRV scans offer invaluable insights into the central and autonomic nervous systems, providing a comprehensive baseline for personalized care plans and continuous progress evaluation. If you’ve experienced a lack of ongoing progress assessments elsewhere, our commitment to innovative technology ensures your child receives the highest level of care.

Utilizes a Multitude of Adjusting Techniques:

  • Recognizing the uniqueness of every child, our team dedicates time and expertise to master all available chiropractic techniques. Rather than relying on personal preference, we focus on choosing the right techniques tailored to the specific needs of your child. By customizing the approach based on factors like birth trauma, exposure to toxins, illnesses, and emotional stress, we ensure that each child receives the individualized care necessary for positive clinical outcomes.

Recommends a Customized Care Plan:

  • Our care plans, backed by science, ensure that your child receives the right adjustments at optimal times, fostering positive, lasting neurological changes. Unlike generic or sporadic care plans offered by some family chiropractors, our personalized approach is driven by data and shaped by experience. Your child deserves a plan that is tailored to their unique needs for the best possible results.

Closing Thoughts and Next Steps:

If uncertainty surrounds your decision, our team, comprised of parents who understand your concerns, is here to support you. Engage with us by posting questions, leaving comments, or sending a direct message. Share this knowledge within your social circles to help other parents and take action by exploring associated articles on our website, attending workshops or events, or downloading our informative guides. Reach out to Foundations Chiropractic today! If you are not local, check our PX Docs directory to find a trained PX Doc near you. Your child’s well-being is in your capable hands, and we’re here to help, empower, and support you along the way!

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