Exploring the Underlying Triggers of Sensory Challenges in Children

Have you ever been curious why your child experiences intense reactions, such as full-blown tantrums, when faced with minor alterations in routine, new foods, or clothing you suggest, or when exposed to bright lights or loud sounds? Do they find it difficult to settle down and manage their emotions when fatigued- a situation they frequently encounter?

If you’ve got an overly emotional and exhausted child on your hands nearly 24/7, then it’s very likely your little one is struggling with Sensory Issues or Sensory Processing Disorder, and we’re here to help! 

This blog is aimed to help parents who are dealing with the ups and downs of raising a kiddo with sensory struggles. We’re here to share practical tips and tricks to help your child thrive. We’ll chat about why sensory stuff matters so much in your kid’s life, and why it’s not just a phase they’ll grow out of. We’ll break down the different types of sensory challenges and talk about how they can affect all sorts of aspects in your child’s day-to-day life.

Plus, if you’ve tried a bunch of solutions and haven’t had much luck, we’ve got a game-changing option to get to the bottom of those sensory issues: Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care.

Tierney’s Story of Hope

Let’s start with a story: perhaps your child is similar to Tierney, who faced extreme processing challenges. Her story highlights how even seemingly minor aspects of daily life can become monumental challenges for children with sensory processing issues. You can read Tierney’s inspiring journey here

Understanding Sensory Issues

Sensory Issues in kids are not uncommon, with nearly 1 in 6 children being affected, and that number continues to grow. Contrary to common belief, these challenges are not something your child will grow out of. Many medical providers will often overlook and miss sensory issues in kids or will just dismiss them as being ‘normal’ when, in fact, they are significant hurdles for children. 

Types of Sensory Issues

Understanding your child’s sensory challenges is crucial for providing the proper support. Sensory issues in kids can fall into 2 main categories: 

  1. Hypersensitivity (overreacting): Your child might get easily overwhelmed by sensory input like noise, lights, or textures. This can lead to strong emotional reactions. 
  2. Hyposensitivity (underreacting): Your child might not notice sensory things that bother others. They may engage in sensory-seeking input behaviors like spinning or making noise to compensate.

Understanding which category your child falls into can guide you in finding ways to support them better. Tailoring strategies to their specific needs and sensory profile can make a big difference in helping them navigate their world more comfortably.

We understand that these challenges can affect every aspect of your child’s life, from education to social interactions, family dynamics, and overall health. As Neurologically–Focused Chiropractors, we recognize your child’s uniqueness and want to help you find a tailored care plan to help your child manage their sensory issues. 

Root Causes and Contributing Factors of Sensory Issues

Potential factors contributing to sensory issues, such as prematurity, birth trauma, and environmental triggers, can provide insights into the root causes of these challenges. It’s often a “Perfect Storm” of factors that lead to issues like subluxationdysautonomia, and vagus nerve dysfunction.  All of this stems from an overly stressed and out-of-balance nervous system. 

Many of you have already tried various coping strategies, from occupational therapy to supplements, with limited success.  That’s why we recommend a more comprehensive approach that focuses on the root cause of sensory issues – Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care. Our sensory test and  INSiGHT Scans can help uncover the heart of the issue, guiding us in creating a personalized plan for your child’s well-being. 

Our practices do not seek to treat or cure these sensory issues but rather to address the root cause head-on.  Our gentle chiropractic adjustments will help turn on your child’s parasympathetic “rest and relax” side of the nervous system to better process sensory input. 

After learning about the importance of understanding your child’s sensory issues, their impact on their daily lives, and potential causes, it is time to take action! Consider scheduling INSiGHT scans today at Foundations Chiropractic. These will help you better understand your child’s unique sensory challenges and how to best address them. If you are not local to us, check out the PX Docs directory to find a PX Docs Office in our network near you. 

Your child deserves the opportunity to thrive, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Reach out today, and let’s work together to positively change your child’s life. 

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