Meet Hudson!! 👋

This little guy had a rough start to life, 😔 including a traumatic birth that led to a brain injury 🧠 

among other complications. Mom and Dad sought help right away to work on the torticollis in his neck and his motor milestone delays. First they tried lots of specialists, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and pediatricians… but it still felt like an impossible and emotional journey that they couldn’t gain any ground on. 😩

After hearing some fantastic things about our office and pediatric chiropractic care, they decided to add one more tool 🔧 to their toolbox. 🧰 Hudson’s neurological scans showed all the stuff he had going on broken down by area and severity. 📊 After just the first few adjustments, Hudson started making HUGE improvements. 🙌🏼 He started turning his head both ways and gained more muscle tone in his neck, core, arms, and legs. 💪🏼

At 10 months old, he’s now able to roll over, tolerating tummy time so much better, and sits up on his own. He continues making more and more progress and gaining mobility with every adjustment. Hudson’s favorite activities include drinking milk, 🍼 playing with toys, 🥁 listening to music, 🎶 laughing and smiling! 😄 He continuously works hard through challenges and is simply the sweetest little guy! 🥰

We love continuing to take care of him and his sweet parents in our office! 👨‍👩‍👦

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