When sweet Keatyn first started care in our office, she was experiencing the dreaded “witching hour(‘s)” at nighttime 😳. Keatyn was inconsolable no matter how Taylor tried to soothe her. 😭

Her initial scans showed lots of stress and tension within her nervous system, which had her little body stuck in “fight or flight” mode. A series of adjustments “pumped the brakes” on Keatyn’s stressed out nervous system to allow it to rebuild in a more  balanced pattern.  Taylor now reports that Keatyn is a happy, healthy baby that falls asleep in 5 minutes! ⏱ Now that’s a big WIN 🏆

What’s even cooler about this success story!? Taylor started care for herself at the same time 👏

A stressed out kiddo ALWAYS comes with a stressed out parent. Not only was Taylor experiencing low back pain and headaches on the regular, but she was tired too! 🥱

She now transitions to wellness care with less stress, no headaches, peaceful sleep and can chase Keatyn around without back pain to slow her down! 🏃‍♀️

WAY TO GO, you two! We’re so proud of you and your commitment to raising a healthy family!

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