Say hello to Kyder!! 👋

Kyder came to see us a few months ago because he had been having terrible hip pain and issues with constipation for over a year. 😫 All of this was interfering with doing all the things he loves to do… 😔 Things like swimming in the pool at the YMCA and running around with his brother outside!

Kyder’s mom brought him to his primary care doctor, urgent care, and an orthopedic specialist who all said it would simply “go away with time”. 🙄

They didn’t look to the root, root cause. That’s where we come in! 🤗

After taking a look at Kyder’s nervous system scans and creating a personalized adjustment routine, the intense hip pain had gone away, 👏 digestive health and function was much more regulated, 🙌 he’s sleeping better 😴 and more alert in the mornings, and is SO much happier!! 😄

Aside from feeling better, Kyder says his favorite thing about coming to see us at Foundations is getting a snack from the girls at the front desk 🍪 and playing with all our toys! Kyder’s mom wants others to know that you are treated like family here, and not just a number. 🙅

We couldn’t be more thankful to have this family as patients in our office. We can’t wait to watch you continue to shine in Wellness Care, Kyder!! 💛

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