Meet Lindsay!!! 👋 

This lady has been coming to see us for a few years now, along with her 3 daughters, and says the best part about getting adjusted is knowing she’s working towards whole body health and going somewhere that you feel cared for as a patient and as a person. 🙌🏼

Lindsay is a busy mom who is passionate about kids and and improving her physical and mental health, which is why she runs childcare from her home, teaches a fitness class, and is currently in the process of becoming a reiki practitioner! ✨

For a long time, Lindsay had been going to other chiropractors searching for help with managing chronic pain stemming from fibromyalgia, Lyme’s disease, and an overstimulated nervous system due to past trauma. Unfortunately, there was zero progress being made. 😔 After her first experience with Dr. Kyle and Dr. Sam going over a treatment plan for her, Lindsay said she left feeling excited and ready to start feeling better. 😌

NOW 👉🏼 Lindsay says her pain has decreased overall, ⬇️ she’s sleeping more restfully at night, 😴 her previous gastrointestinal issues are gone, 🙅🏻‍♀️ her anxiety has decreased, 📉 and her fibromyalgia flare ups are few and far between and a lot more manageable when they occur!

On top of all that, her nervous system is much more regulated which is what we love to see! 🤍 Go figure, she says her favorite Chiropractic word is “insight scanning” because that’s what tells us her nervous system is functioning so much better! In her words, the scans are “life-changing”.💯

Life-changing results give you more time enjoying the things you love most in life with the people you love most. Lindsay’s favorite pastime is doing anything outdoors with her girls in the summer, ☀️ whether it’s hiking, 🥾 beach time, 🌊 kayaking, or a park picnic. 🧺 Her ideal meal is huge steak 🥩 and a blue cheese salad 🥗 topped with fruit and pecans finished off with a turtle cheesecake. 🍰 Girl’s got good taste!😋

We absolutely love having you a part of our Foundations family, Linds. You and your girls are so fun, smiley, 😊 and keep crushing challenges 💪🏼 that come your way! We are excited to watch your total body health continue to excel! 📈

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